Dating 101 – Should I Tell?

This is a question that has been discussed recently between me and a acquaintance. The question was, when showing deep interest in a person should you tell them that you are sexually active with another person? Allow me to go into further detail. Let’s say you are talking to an individual that you are highly interested in, there is no talk about the two of you being exclusive nor are you two sexually active. But you share a deep like for each other. If the other party asks you are sexually active with anyone right now, do you tell them the truth? (If you indeed are)

First things first, I know what you’re thinking. Well if they tell the other person the truth they will then stop liking you. But I beg to differ. I would think one of the reasons that the person is asking is to “give a test”, in a sense. Because if they ask and get the truth, that could be something that can help strengthen the relationship because it’s being built on honesty and that honesty is shown in the beginning.

However, yes you do run the risk of losing the person that you deeply like, by giving them the “ugly truth “. But the thing is, the truth is something that I would rather lose someone over, than a lie. The truth is respected regardless of the hurt or disappointment. A lie is something that you cannot come back from, its permanent / a scar on the relationship, in a sense.

So my suggestion to you is if the person you are talking to/dating ask you ANY question during the courting / dating process. Tell them the truth. Regardless of the risks. Because you will always be able to stand on the fact that you were honest. And you don’t have to worry about your character being tarnished.

Remember honesty is the best policy when building healthy relationships!


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