8 Things to Help You Become Comfortable Being Single – Single Self Love 101

When we are single, we tend to get absorbed in the thoughts of how we need to hurry up and get back into a new relationship. Hoping to fill the void of loneliness and not being wanted. Some of us never look at our time being single as a time of peace, or time to become a better person. Most of the time we look at singlehood as a punishment or a horrible nightmare we wish would end ASAP.

I’m here to tell you my loves your wrong. There are some key things you can occupy your time with, while your single, that can shape you into a better individual and help you attract your soulmate.

Here’s the thing, I’m willing to bet good money that most couples who say they are each others soul mate, met each other during a time where they were just finishing a journey to becoming a better person. To me it’s simple, YOU ARE WHO YOU ATTRACT. So just be, or become, great and watch your relationship status gradually change.

Relationships Now

What are these key things you ask? Let’s get into 8 things we can do to transition smoothly on this journey to becoming comfortable with being single . 🙂

1. Strengthen your relationship with God and focus on finding your purpose.

I found that deeply seeking a relationship with God is a great start to being on the right track to becoming a better person.  A relationship with God alone will guide you and open your eyes to things that will do nothing but make you better. I believe when you find your purpose their is a moment of wholeness that takes over you and confirms your existence in this world. If your not dead your here for a reason, so the moment you find your purpose you will open yourself to a whole new world that is AMAZING. Trust me…..

2. Seek and secure stability in life.

Having a stable livelihood and being financially, emotionally and mentally stable is VERY important.  It assures a potential mate that you can take care of yourself and your not just interested in them to get your life together. Your life should already be in order when seeking partnership.  I truly feel like if you are not stable prior to being in a relationship, the last thing you should be seeking is partnership.  Otherwise you’ll get a mate that mirrors the person you are. Would you want that?

3. Take heed to the people you surround yourself with.

I am a firm believer that your surroundings determine the energy you give off.  So of course I feel like the people you surround yourself with will play a huge part in how you blossom as a person.  It’s simple, you hang around low life people, you pick up the habits of a low life and slowly but surly become a low life yourself.   Everyone in your circle should be on the same track as you are or actively headed in the same direction you are. They should be encouraging you to be a better person as well.

4. Travel alone

Traveling alone is something you should be totally open to while you are single.  I have found that when traveling anywhere alone you are always open to meeting new people and leaving the state is no different.  Now get that passport and have some fun!


5. Take yourself out on dates.

Taking yourself on a date is the antidote to your loneliness. It’s great practice to understanding how to love yourself, learn the things you like as well as helps entice potential mates to spark a conversation with you. (Hints their are no friends around to make them feel embarrassed if there is no chemistry between you two).

6. Maximize your skills.

I have to admit the is one of my favorites. I pride myself on learning new things. Expanding your knowledge if you will. There are so many men and women out here that lack knowledge in some of the most simple fields. Like cooking! Do you know how many women don’t know how to cook? I mean can’t boil a damn egg!!!! So encourage single men and women learn a new skill, further your education or simply pick up a hobby. It’s imperative we increase our worth while we are single, mostly to help ensure you attract a different or better potential partner.

7. Spend time with family and friends

This is pretty much self explanatory.

8. If you have any unresolved issues from your childhood or a previous relationship, resolve them.

Do the work with getting those issues resolved before engaging in any new relationships. This will assure you that you don’t bring those issues into your new relationship.


Finally, don’t waste your time being single laying around drowning in your loneliness. Get out and do productive things that build you up and expand your self worth. Trust me when I say your future partner will appreciate you more when they meet you. *Wink*


Relationships Now



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