Dating 101 – How long do you wait before having sex with a person you’re interested in?

All too often people put a time frame on when you should do specific things while dating?  It’s too soon to kiss, it’s too soon to text them and tell them I’m thinking about them, it’s too soon to have sex with them.  I mean I can go on and on with the it’s “too soon” stuff.  But the question is should their even be a time frame for things? What ever happened to allowing things to organically happen?

I know my women are probably thinking if a woman has sex with a man too soon it can possibly label you as a hoe.  Me personally I don’t give a shit about being labeled a hoe for having a one night stand.  It’s a woman’s free will to do whatever she wants whenever she wants.

However, when you’re interested in someone I do think there are things that can happen prematurely and make the situation go downhill.  And yes, sex happens to be one of those things.  I won’t target the men, so I will give myself for example.  When I am really interested in someone and have sex with them “quickly” I tend to no longer like them afterwards.  I know, very male like huh?  lol  But it’s sooooooo true.  So with knowing that, I know not to allow sexual talk or activities, when I really like someone, because all it will do is make things progress sexually and then poof I’m gone.

My goal is to get to know a person and only entertain a man I am genuinely interested in mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically (in that order).  Because if I don’t there will be a disconnect.  With that said, I allow things to organically blossom.  You’d be surprised the things that will come up once you have allowed some time to pass.  I remember liking a guy a lot, and allowing some time to go by to get to know him, his upbringing and even his current routines.  Only to see that I wasn’t interested in him as much as I thought.  Just think if I would have had sex with him.  I would still be trying to wash the shame off my body.  LOL!

In conclusion, no I don’t have a time frame for how long you should wait to have sex with a person you’re interested in.  Mostly because I don’t know your connection, your chemistry or the actions that have taking place in the situation.  So that is for you to decipher.  But I would say this don’t make ANY moves with a person that you don’t want to.  If you don’t want to have sex, DON’T, but if you do just protect yourself and make sure it’s worth it.  Always do things that you can look back and say, “well at that time, that is exactly what I wanted to do”.


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