Dating in a Microwave Society

Nowadays with the advancement of technology expectations from people for people are ridiculous. Especially time wise. With all the new dating apps and the old dating sites, with single mixers and lounges becoming ultra popular people have depersonalized and expedited the dating process. We all know who we are and what we have become has been developed over the years of our lifespan. Our character, personalities, and quarks have all been in developed from what we have observed and learned. Our behaviors and the way we define ourselves has been redefined in current times. With the ability to desire and attain so many things instantly we seem as a society to disregard a key factor in dating. And that fact is we are human. All of us have a different way of processing relationships and love. It is innate to want to belong and to share in companionship.

Relationships Now

However, times have changed our view on how we should love and participate in relationships. All relationships need to be cultivated. We should take time to get to know each other. In my opinion, it is impossible to learn another person without communication, observation and most importantly time. With the necessity to earn and achieve we have put our natural desire for companionship on the back burner. Then when we feel this desire for lack of love we seek an individual rapidly and move at a pace that truly is unnatural. We need time to learn each other. Seek to understand each other. Research through each other to learn backgrounds and experiences that create who we are. A common practice for success can be treating a relationship like our growth as a person. Such as crawling before we walk and walking before running. Simplifying things and limiting technology. Have you ever looked around in a restaurant and seen everyone on their smartphones and no one communicating? We can not learn individuals from background checks, credit scores or social media. Direct communication and attentiveness allow us to make well thought out decisions when seeking a companion. The more knowledge or information allows us to make an educated and informative decision. Especially when choosing a partner or mate.

Written By Guest Writer – Swanee

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Relationships Now

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