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Are you alone during the Holidays Too?

For as long as I can remember, the winter holidays have always been my favorite time of the year.  Spending time with friends, close family and even meeting new people that are being introduced to the family is always a blast. Nevertheless, being single during this time of the year is very difficult for me.

I am a single woman who is not cooking Thanksgiving dinner (but I can cook), that is visiting my family’s “potluck” style dinner (which I love btw) and yet again I will not be coming to dinner with a partner. BoOoOoOoO……

Are You Lonely During the Holidays Too?

Its been a few years now since I have been in a relationship and I have to admit, I’m starting to think this is how it’s going to for a while longer. I seem to not have the best of luck in the dating world. Especially since I don’t hang out as much as I use to. So clearly I have a problem with making myself accessible to available men now.

How will I get through the holidays without letting the single blues kick me in the ass? Let’s look at my “To Do List” for the next 5 weeks, hopefully, this will keep me occupied enough to forget about my loneliness.

1.) Continue to pray that my husband is out there preparing himself for me as I am for him.

2.) Occupy my time with much-needed things to do around the house.

3.) I have an addiction to candlemaking lately so I will create some beautiful candles to gift for the holidays.

4.) Find a new recipe to cook/perfect and show my daughters how to make it for traditional reasons.

5.) I have a few clients to make pretty for company parties/holiday dinners so that will be fun.

6.) Finish up Christmas shopping for the kids.

7.) Make time to get out and have some adult time to have some fun.

8.) Find a stunning outfit to wear for NYE.

Comment and tell me what you will be doing to get through the holidays while being single.  I’m totally taking suggestions.  


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