Make Memories

I always have this thought when dating. Make Memories. Most times in our lives we do not exhaust all avenues and possibilities. These are the categories I try to expand. When dating I believe the more memorable the time we share the more of an imprint we leave on each other. For instance, I love to go on outings. I will look through an events page or check for flights or destinations that don’t break the budget and still leave room for extremely memorable opportunities. Also, I like to eat, watch a movie and explore places outside of my typical or normal geographical area and or comfort zones. I believe the more positive experiences and first opportunities the fresher the relationship and the build of positive energy and happiness.

Make Memories

It is necessary to invest thought and time into a person, place or thing if we are expecting a return. When dating a successful outcome becomes a huge win. The more positive deposits into the relationship can only result in inequitable results. “Remember when we…..” should be a key beginning of many phrases when dating. And this suggests that longevity has been achieved. So look around and see what cultural or dining events. Possibly a festival or concert. A quick weekend turn around. A trip to a destination he or she has mentioned. Make memories and build a lifetime of positive energy and togetherness…

Written by Guest Writer Swanee

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