RN Responds – I Love Two People, What Should I Do?


Question: Y’all ever feel like you fought for somebody who you thought you would be with forever and straight distance yourself from the other person who you thought was on games for the one you with now ‘& later find out down the line you should’ve went to the other person but yet yo feelings caught up on some confused f*cked up shit , so what happens then ????? You be single or what? But now your heart loves both and you don’t want to hurt anyone so you everything to yourself

Answer: The answer is simple. You have to look in the mirror at yourself for 6 solid minutes. Then physically go to your place of serenity. Truth is you already know what you have to do. You knew the answer when you ask the question. You have to be true to yourself. If they are both who you want to be open about it. If you want one more then the other tell them both but finesse the situation a little with the one you want. Understand you run the risk of completely losing both. However, you gain yourself and knowledge of what not to do moving forward. With your newfound information about yourself, you will discover that you already have inside yourself the qualities, confidence, and attributes for the universe to connect you with the person you will like from the person you have become. Let life lessons be the catalysts to your soul’s survival. Allow your soul’s survival to be your escape to unconditional love and free the chains of misguided choices.

Take care, and please keep in touch.  Let us know what happens.


Relationships Now

Relationships Now



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