Empty yourself of negativity…

Empty yourself of negativity…

Take inventory of negativity taking up space. Then get rid of it. We can not go through life looking in the rearview mirror. The past is the past. It is also the teacher. We often time hold on to past offenses, hurt, pain, wrongdoings and many situations that adversely affect us.

Empty yourself of negativity.

Over the years we may have developed insecurities for ourselves that may be a derivative of discomfort or embarrassment. They may be from our parents or a broken partner. We take some much time beating ourselves up. Being unforgiving to our younger self. Carrying the burdens of being broken and breaking people. When does this end? When do you say I am not giving this offense any room. Any room in my life, my heart, my spirit. We can not move forward living in the past. We can, however, utilize the past as a learning tool and move forward without making the same mistakes. We can learn to understand that we have not progressed holding on to things that hold no weight in our present and/ or our future. Giving people or things that happened in the past control over your present is stealing from yourself. Creating losses for yourself. It is also like driving looking in the rearview. Eventually, you will crash. You can not live in the past. You are not the same person as yesterday. You can not live there. Instead, you must look ahead through a different lens. You must decide that no matter what happens I am moving forward. You must make the choice to break the chains holding your mind body and soul. He is not him. She is not her and you are not the same you as before. You are stronger, wiser, significant, beautiful, intelligent, loving, admirable, forgiving………

Written by Guest Writer Swanee

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