When you like someone….His Perspective

His Perspective 

Why is it that nowadays people downplay how they feel about a person when it is positive. People sure don’t downplay feelings when they are negative.  They are swift with negativity and uncertainty.  Let’s talk about the positive affirmation of interest when developing a new friendship and moving forward to a relationship.

Women must understand that a man likes to know where he stands within your scope of the situation. Also, a man likes to be courted as well.  When I say a man likes to be courted, I’m saying he wants the same attention during the investment as the woman. He wants for the woman to be attentive. He wants for the woman to check on him. He wants for the woman to ask him how was his day.  As Lauren Hill sang reciprocity. Occasionally he wants the woman to plan something for them.  And as women always say, Men are very simple. The simple things that men like women have put in the “I will do that for my husband” category. Women want everything upfront from a man, but save certain things for when he is her husband.Empty yourself of negativity.  How has that worked out?!  Everyone has put stipulation and request with time limits on dating.  Just go with the vibe. Why not just be natural and go with the energy of the relationship. If you are compelled to do things that some people may think or for a husband, then you should do them. M men typically don’t have any stipulations or prerequisites when they are attracted to someone.  I have kind of gotten off my original topic so let me bring it back.
Empty yourself of negativity. (1)
You have to respect your courtship like you respect your passion. Those that are passionate about life and fulfilling their dreams are usually very passionate in an acquaintanceship and a relationship.  It’s ok to say, “I like her. “ It’s ok to say,”I’m interested in him. “  It’s OK to put your best foot forward. Why not Be what you want? All anyone wants is consistency. Consistent in all aspects of life and dating. Be the same person always as it pertains to who you are.  Grow together. Become better people together. I will always be compassionate, passionate, forthcoming, ambitious, realistic, spontaneous, giving and you will never have to guess where I’m at in a situation.  What are you?             
Take a piece of paper fold it in half on the top of the left side write pros to dating me. On the other side right cons to dating me.  On the back two halves, I want you to write what I want in a person on 1/2 and what I give as a person on the other half. Are your answers comparable and consistent with what you want?
Yes…… It’s really real!

Written by Guest Writer SMG

Relationships Now

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