When you like someone….Her Perspective

Her Perspective 

Nowadays if a woman downplays liking a man and acts hesitant in showing it. There is a good chance she’s battling with herself about dating him. I’m going to literally speak from my experiences because that all I really can be one hunnit about.

It seems to be very rare you’ll find a woman that has not been negatively affected by a guy. It’s just what happens in life.  In my case, there has been a period of time, in my life, where I just couldn’t catch a break with heartache.  From guys, I’ve been in a relationship with, and even my own father has broken my heart. And guess what, all those men showed sure red flag signs that I was supposed to NOT ignore. In a nutshell, I gave the wrong guys the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I know we have to “Empty Ourselves of Negativity” when dating.  I agree wholeheartedly, however, that’s not negative.  That’s accessing the relationship beforehand to help make a conscious decision to date someone.  Yes, a woman will like you, notice some red flags, and become hesitant in feeling that way because she’s scared. Scared of trusting herself and being vulnerable to the wrong man again. Anyway, back to my point. 

When You Like Someone

When you like someone you should affirm that you like them and not make them feel like they are inadequate. Basically, treat them how you would want to be treated. However, my advice to the man that feels a woman is being hesitant in liking him. Be patient with her. Talk to her and find out her triggers that playback negative feelings from the past and avoid them (if you care enough to).  Find out what her idea of romance is and do it with her.  My idea of romance is us changing the world together. That is exactly what I expect my partner to want as well. But you know what has to be done before that?  We have to help each other change ourselves. We have to show each other a positive way of loving. A more productive way of being in a relationship. And encourage each other to have a relationship with God.  He seems to have alllllll the answers. 

“Be that prince she dreamed she would marry when she was 10 years old.”

You want to know what it takes to get a woman to look past your flaws and not be hesitant in liking you?  BE DIFFERENT. Be that man she has NEVER experienced. Be that prince she dreamed she would marry when she was 10 years old. As SMG stated, be CONSISTENT.  If you are an upstanding man today, a woman won’t care what you were or did before. And there is NOTHING anyone could do to stop a woman from reciprocating the feeling once she’s been exposed to it. Mostly because she will just relish in the difference you brought into her life, RIGHT NOW, and love every moment of it. 


Written by Guest Writer SMG

Relationships Now

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When You Like Someone - Her Perspective


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