Dating Apps

Is it just me or have dating sites become the new fuck spot?

The past six months I have tried dating sites off and on. I have tried several dating sites and apps. I have met several women on multiple dating sites. 
Quite a few of the women that I met on the dating apps were very successful. Probably 85% of them. All of them were attractive. LOL. I only like what I find to be attractive. Each woman had her own story. A few of them had relocated back to the area. A good portion of them had gone through divorce. Some said they worked quite a bit. Some looking for love. Some looking for fun. And some looking for a way out.
Dating Apps
One common thing was everyone was too busy to hang out and meet people. The second common thing, however, was how quickly they all were available for sex. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a single handsome eligible bachelor. 
80% of my stories are the same. We text back-and-forth throughout the day. Typically they suggested we meet soon and almost 95% wanted to meet to have drinks.
You have the generic conversations about how the day went and about whatever the trending topic is meanwhile enjoying a libation.
Dating Apps (2)
At some point, the touching begins. Just casual touching but touching all the same. The drinks continue to flow. The awkwardness is gone if there was any. The evening is turning into night. Here is where it gets interesting. 87% of the women wanted to “hang out”afterward.
Dating Apps (4)
93% of the time with “hang out“ we had some form of sex. Now being a single guy I wasn’t mad at the situations but I did become alarmed. And I had sex with these women in cars, trucks, parks, parking lots, motels, hotels, their houses and apartments, malls and even at amusement parks.  72% of these women had “not looking for a hook up” on their profile. All of these hookups took place within a 3 date period. I was amazed at this but also turned off. It was 5 different dating sites I was on and they all produced nothing to take home to Nana. I don’t enjoy dating apps. My experiences were entertaining and empty at the same time. 
What are your dating app stories? Please share… Thanks….
Yes….. It’s really real!!! ✌

Written by Guest Writer SMG


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Dating Apps



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