Keeping The Connection 

Each day life throws us all kind of things. The hustle and bustle of work.  Daily commuting. Home life. If you have children. Responsibilities of being an adult. In spite of all these things, we have to allow for time with our significant others. Daily we must make time for all of our responsibilities. The goal is to find peace preferably at home and also in your relationship. Your significant others being should transition you into solitude. Communication, affection and real downtime will definitely create a space of positive energy.

Keeping The Connection There is nothing like looking into your lover’s eyes and releasing it all for a moment. Happiness is always the goal. Love can conquer all if used as the hammer to the nail of life’s chaos. Trust your process. Value the pace of your relationship. Navigate carefully and get to learn your partner for allowance of understanding.  Time together must be linked in with your significant.  Be infectious with your positive energy and humor. Maintain consistency with your behaviors and your attention.  Always keep it fresh and interesting. Sometimes you have to step outside of the box and try something different.

Keeping The Connection
Tank and Leela James – The Savage/Soul Tour is dope…..
Yes….. It’s really real!!! ✌

Written by Guest Writer SMG

Relationships Now

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