Last night I saw a shooting star. And I imagined you right here with me in my arms. Loves prisoner held captive by your simple charm. I’m so lucky baby I found you.  You remind me of rainy days with every drop bringing me home for better ways. All my friends keep telling me it’s just a phase. When springtime comes they’ll see just what it do. You make it better then the riches I might have. You bring me joy when the days went bad.  Show me that pretty smile on your face and all my cares seem to be erased. Nothing like the way you look at me. You stole my heart now I’m complete.


Hello Future Mrs,

How are you? I wanted to write you a letter to say I love you and I prayed for us. I wanted you to know I prepared for you. I had asked GOD to please prepare a special woman for me and I would continue to be the most humble servant. I had some definitive request so I am not surprised at the person you are. I knew you were going to be paper bag brown with a honey complexion. I knew you were going to have almond shaped eyes and nice full lips. I knew you would have beautiful skin and some pretty straight teeth. I knew your smile would be like the sun shining on only me. I knew I would love your body. You know your shape and figure that shit banging. Ooh whee. You are so intelligent. You are brave, spirited, confident, humane, unique, gentle, resilient, imaginative and loyal. I appreciate you taking the time to better yourself with every opportunity. I’m glad you have been a humble servant to GOD and have been through experiences that have made you practice humility and compassion.  I am ecstatic to know you are a great nurturer with the practice of faith and compassion. I am glad you took the time to learn your love language and in turn learned how to reciprocate the information and share in practicing. I knew you would like the finer things but be humble and able to apportion yourself with work, life, and faith. You are amazing. The way you are with children. The support you give with my lifestyle and what I think to be world-changing ideas. I thank you. I thank you for being who you are. I am thankful to GOD for preparing me for you. I thank GOD I am ready to be equally yoked with you. 

With Love,

Your Future Husband

Written by: Swanee

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