I know it feels like that last relationship took everything you had left. I know it feels like you lost so much time and it’s too late for your heart to experience being loved and cherished. But if you dwell on what your EX did, it will mix into everything your nEXt tries to do. Don’t let the pain destroy your soul and kill your destiny, because if it does…they win. Elder Tupac said “Baby don’t cry, gotta keep your head up even when the road is hard…Never give up.” Last time I checked, to believe within the constraints of time is to put God in a box that His right hand alone couldn’t fit in. But I promise if you let God heal you and continue the good work He began in you, when your next comes along he will make you forgot all about your ex and all the tears he caused. Give three ladies a high five and tell them GET READY for your Exceeding Abundantly Love.


Written by: Timothy White 



Isabella Richards

Let's Talk FB Live Show (18)


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