Single and Open to Dopeness – April Challenge

April will be Single & Open to Dopeness Month

It’s Spring! And we are going to spring up some great dating experiences with dope qualified individuals. Hopefully, and you have prayed that your companion is out there being prepared just for you essentially setting yourself up to meet them in this season.

With that said, every Wednesday in the month of April I will provide techniques that I challenge you to do with me to have/provide a dope dating experience.

Week One:  I will reveal places you can meet eligible individuals.

Week Two:  I will talk about what to avoid during your first conversation that could be a turn off to your like interest.

Week Three: I will help you identify if your like interest has potential.

Week Four:  I will provide tips on how to have a successful date by digging as deep as what you should wear on a first date.

Trust me this challenge will be just that, challenging. But what do you have to lose? Adopting another method of dating can, at best, be a learning experience. However, it can also be the beginning of something amazingly dope.

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