Is he Being Played or Overthinking? – Let’s Talk Dating Advice

I need to find out if I’m a chump or simp or just being played or overthinking.

I met a young lady who is 20 years younger than me. She is truly a fine piece of work. I like them thick wide hip women. Big hips are sexy and a true turn on. And then educated and able to have a good conversation. I’m rising just thinking haha (sorry bad joke please don’t be offended).

Anyway, I’m trying to see something. So I’ve been chatting with this young foxy woman. She lives in another state and has kids (2). Anyway, we started talking on the phone and I found out the father of kids is a deadbeat. We have been talking and she has been crying about the struggle of being a single parent. So here is the breakdown of last month….

Week 1 I flew out to Texas and took her out to dinner note she said she had nothing to wear so I sent money for hair, nails, and outfit ($350).  We did dinner and I stayed at a hotel and rented a car and we hung for the weekend. She had me buy her an outfit for the next day as we had such a good time and I gave her money for the babysitter. Great weekend no kissing or sex as getting to know. (spent about $1,200)

Week 2 She was short on daycare sent $400 cash app

Week 3 She wanted to see me so I flew her to Maryland and paid for a hotel for her and we did concert and dinner and chilled. I did separate rooms so comfortable. She hugged me and gave a peck. (total cost $800 for the weekend)

Week 4. Deadbeat dad didn’t show up so needed to “hold something” $600 to be exact.

Now she is calling saying car problems and need a carburetor for $1,200 and needs help.

Am I being fooled or just the risks of the relationship? Am I over thinking? Or just showing I’m a real man?

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