Visions Of Me

Looking in this mirror I can only imagine what people see. Growing up I was reminded to not care what others thought of me. Regardless of those life lessons and speeches, society insist that I play the game that it’s responsible for. Memes, classless post, petty behavior, and bad grammar. I bare whiteness to others connecting the puzzle pieces of life without organizing them for a better outcome.



I’m standing here because this mirror will not lie to me. The vision that I see is strong, vivid and full.

There are multiple aspects of me that aren’t defined. Here I still stand, perplexed in the direction I want to go in.

Duh!! I obviously want to get better and be better at being me. What does that really mean though?

I’m standing here in this mirror knowing I have somewhere to be but still I’m questioning if my past has lead me astray or in a direction that is achievable.



What I do know is factual. I am a grown ass woman. Beautiful I am… What the untrained eye won’t see is a woman of substance.

A woman that strives for success beyond the effort that is currently given. Not because I’m lazy or unfocused. Simply because I want to be great, I will be great. Every goal is achievable, every goal will be achieved. The limit of that success is unknown. Unmeasurable, but definitely in reach. I actually smile when I think of stuff like that. How many people really believe what they say? Genuinely satisfied with the fact that I can see who I am, appreciative for what life has created, I’m still unsatisfied with the vision of me. Conflicted not confused, damages not abused.

What I need to do is get out of here before I’m late. But this is me, always reviewing my thoughts and reminding myself that I’m more than what catches “his eye”. Really though! If I catch “his eye”, that makes me basic and common. These niggas all love the same type of woman!! I refuse to be stereotypically seen as the same woman. I rather be revered, yet I commonly get reminded that my body is a work of art. My tattoos are structured in such a way that if you knew me, you would know my culture. Obscured visions will not have their way with me. What I want in life will lead the way for self gratification. The love of a man will be generated by platonic feelings and the knowledge he possesses when it comes to dealing with me. Not a woman like me, just me. The one woman standing here inspired by her thoughts and accountable for her actions. Ready to inspire those who need it vs those who want it. One who is mature enough to change the way she looks, for all the right reasons.



Unbothered and undefined by the laws of society, my visions of me will allow me to be free of all judgement that I don’t give a f@*k about. I’m a lady…. damn it…I am a lady. Ok, let me slow down. I’m fired up and shit. Lol, in my thoughts about to have me in my feelings. They will read my vision, enjoy my thoughts and appreciate my consistency.


Written By Guest Writer ~Legend

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