Maintaining Relationships Nowadays can be tough yet so rewarding. Here at Aja Alia the Blog is where all the things that it takes to build and maintain a healthy Life, Relationships and Image are discussed and shared. Our goal is to share our challenges and celebrate the personal growths when building all types of relationships. Whether you’re married, dating, pursuing or parenting, we’d love to help you through the bad and highlight the good.
Nowadays it takes things like wisdom, experience, character, style, perseverance, courage and even skills in cooking to maintain relationships. And here is where you will find all that and more.


Aja Alia (The woman behind this Blog) is a sexy, mother of 3 beautiful children and newly in a relationship with a handsome King.

Aja values the voice of everyone, especially men.  She understands most men feel like they don’t have a voice. Well fellas, here you do. I want to know your feelings, wants and needs that make you happy in relationships. Because I understand if your not happy we, as women, are not happy.

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Aja Alia

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