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Behind the Blog is a thirty-something-year-old single woman named Aja Alia.

Aja is a lover of coaching, writing and too many other things to list. Over the years she has not had it easy in the dating/relationship department and it has taken a lot of mental work to get her where she is today.  But STILL, she is a work in progress.

It took her first teenage relationship turned marriage, to go wrong, and end in divorce. For her to realize it was only the beginning of heartache she would endure in relationships. Since then there has been an abusive and a toxic relationship that taught her to dig deeper and find out why all her relationships seem to go wrong.

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After realizing her having daddy issues was the foundation of her problem, in relationships, she did her due diligence by tackling that issue before entering into another relationship. Although it is a hard process, two years later she decided to enter the dating scene again. However, she has fears of loving the wrong one and failing at having a successful relationship again.   Only now, she trusts herself, admires her wisdom and can appreciate her scars.  Which is where Relationships Now stems from. She realized that our Relationships is how we receive love and are so necessary for life to be great.  Relationships Now is a space where you can pick Aja’s brain, learn from her wisdom and watch her journey while she enters back into the Dating world. Relationships Now is also a family hub where EVERYONE can speak on the trial and errors of being single, dating, married and even parenting.

Dating Coach Aja Alia

She’s fully aware that there will be challenges and triumphs but the goal is to be able to persevere through it all and come out on top. And that is where Relationships Now will help in various ways.

Aja Alia is not the face of Relationships Now she is the heart behind it all. And wants nothing more than everyone to love themselves, to give love and be loved in return. It’s the only way to have healthy Relationships Nowadays. ❤

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