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Visions Of Me

Looking in this mirror I can only imagine what people see. Growing up I was reminded to not care what others thought of me. Continue reading Visions Of Me

Single & Open to Dating Challenge – Week 1 ( Where to Meet Singles )

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Single and Open to Dopeness – April Challenge

April will be Single & Open to Dopeness Month

It’s Spring! And we are going to spring up some great dating experiences with dope qualified individuals. Hopefully, and you have prayed that your companion is out there being prepared just for you essentially setting yourself up to meet them in this season. Continue reading Single and Open to Dopeness – April Challenge


I know it feels like that last relationship took everything you had left. I know it feels like you lost so much time and it’s too late for your heart to experience being loved and cherished. But if you dwell on what your EX did, it will mix into everything your nEXt tries to do. Don’t let the pain destroy your soul and kill your destiny, because if it Continue reading Healing

#DearFutureWife- Guest Writer Lee Lewis

Dear Future Wife,

these past few years we have shared more than just pure love, we explored different periods in time, visited the moments of universes in our souls, and walked in the direction of life together, remembrance of saying hello to your heart, kissing within yourDear Future Wife - Lee Lewis mind, and making love to your thoughts, I remember the yesterday’s, and embrace the visions of our future, you listen to me without needing words, because the rhythm of hearts plays the same songs, leaving the feeling inside me of being home, you’re beautiful inside at out, and have become the foundation, we are building, for the love that is smiling to wrinkle in time causing our union, future wife, I love the testimony giving to me, by your soul…

By: Lee A Lewis

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March Love Language Challenge – Week 3 – Receiving Gifts

Hello Everyone!
Today is Love Language Day!
The love language we will focus on this week is Receiving Gifts.
Do you tend to love people the way you want to be loved?
One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in dating is buying gifts for their person of interest when that is not their love language. It’s so sad to watch because the receiver will come off as unimpressed while the giver is feeling unappreciated. I challenge you all to stop fueling the person you’re dating with tangible things without truly knowing if that is how they receive love. This should save you the feeling of appreciativeness and disinterest.
My goal in this Love Language challenge is to help individuals to identify the 5 Love Languages and to learn how to love others according to theirs.
I challenge you this week to identify if your partner, person of interest or spouse has the love language of Receiving Gifts. If so, give them something thoughtful that shows them that you like/care/love them. You’d be surprised how that may WOW them.
If Receiving Gifts is their love language:
Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you. A missed birthday or a hasty, thoughtless gift would be disastrous—so would the absence of everyday gestures. Gifts are heartfelt symbols to you of someone else’s love and affection for you.
Next Week we will cover Acts of Kindness. See you Wednesday!

Happy March!!!!

This month’s challenge will be focused on Love Languages.

Each week in the month of March we will cover a love language and discuss tips on how to receive and give love to those who speak that particular love language.

Week 1:
Quality Time

Week 2:
Words of Affirmation

Week 3:
Receiving Gifts

Week 4:
Acts of Service

Week 5:
Physical Touch

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Each week in the month of March we will cover a love language and discuss tips on how to receive and give love to those who speak that particular love language.

Do you know what your Love Language is?  Take the quiz to find out!

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Last night I saw a shooting star. And I imagined you right here with me in my arms. Loves prisoner held captive by your simple charm. I’m so lucky baby I found you.  You remind me of rainy days with every drop bringing me home for better ways. All my friends keep telling me it’s just a phase. When springtime comes they’ll see just what it do. You make it better then the riches I might have. You bring me joy when the days went bad.  Show me that pretty smile on your face and all my cares seem to be erased. Nothing like the way you look at me. You stole my heart now I’m complete. Continue reading #DearFutureWife