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Keeping The Connection 

Each day life throws us all kind of things. The hustle and bustle of work.  Daily commuting. Home life. If you have children. Responsibilities of being an adult. In spite of all these things, we have to allow for time with our significant others. Daily we must make time for all of our responsibilities. The goal is to find peace preferably at home and also in your relationship. Your significant others being should transition you into solitude. Communication, affection and real downtime will definitely create a space of positive energy.

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When you like someone….Her Perspective

Her Perspective 

Nowadays if a woman downplays liking a man and acts hesitant in showing it. There is a good chance she’s battling with herself about dating him. I’m going to literally speak from my experiences because that all I really can be one hunnit about.

It seems to be very rare you’ll find a woman that has not been negatively affected by a guy. It’s just what happens in life.  In my case, there has been a period of time, in my life, where I just couldn’t catch a break with heartache.  From guys, I’ve been in a relationship with, and even my own father has broken my heart. And guess what, all those men showed sure red flag signs that I was supposed to NOT ignore. In a nutshell, I gave the wrong guys the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I know we have to “Empty Ourselves of Negativity” when dating.  I agree wholeheartedly, however, that’s not negative.  That’s accessing the relationship beforehand to help make a conscious decision to date someone.  Yes, a woman will like you, notice some red flags, and become hesitant in feeling that way because she’s scared. Scared of trusting herself and being vulnerable to the wrong man again. Anyway, back to my point. 

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When you like someone….His Perspective

His Perspective 

Why is it that nowadays people downplay how they feel about a person when it is positive. People sure don’t downplay feelings when they are negative.  They are swift with negativity and uncertainty.  Let’s talk about the positive affirmation of interest when developing a new friendship and moving forward to a relationship.

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