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Let’s Talk with Aja Alia – Child Support


Let's Talk with Aja Alia - Child Support

We are talking all things child support folks……

Tomorrow at 8pm PST in the Let’s Talk with Aja Alia Facebook Group…….

Let’s Talk about why you should open a child support case if you have an unreasonable co-parent to help gain stability for your child/children and peace of mind for yourself.

Talk to you soon!!!!

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Let's Talk w Aja Alia - Guest Host Invite


Reflecting on 2017 – Lessons, Blessings and Dating Advice

As I close out the year and reflect on all I have experienced in 2017, I have to admit, this has been one of the toughest years I’ve had. Not just when it comes to dating but in general. I had to re-brand my blogging career yet again, experience some of the people closest to me clearly show me they don’t give a fuck about me and watch my youngest child suffer from a severely broken leg for 4 months (and still recovering). Continue reading Reflecting on 2017 – Lessons, Blessings and Dating Advice

Keeping The Connection 

Each day life throws us all kind of things. The hustle and bustle of work.  Daily commuting. Home life. If you have children. Responsibilities of being an adult. In spite of all these things, we have to allow for time with our significant others. Daily we must make time for all of our responsibilities. The goal is to find peace preferably at home and also in your relationship. Your significant others being should transition you into solitude. Communication, affection and real downtime will definitely create a space of positive energy.

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Cherie – Chapter 1 – Love At First Swipe


I was literally about to begin writing this, and I just got a text from Cherie, so I hope that means something. I’ve responded back with “You must be psychic! I was just thinking about you.” (I was thinking about her because I was just about to write the first half of this very chapter.)

We swiped right on each other on Tinder. Cherie is a 26-year-old attractive, fit, black woman whose zodiac sign is Scorpio. When we first connected I sent her a simple, hello. She got back to me and said she was doing well, but she sitting in a boring class. She’s apparently studying developmental neuroscience. Once the small talk and pleasantries were dismissed, I asked her my standard question. “What prompted you to swipe right on my profile?”

She expressed that she liked the things I wrote in my bio. She said she likes to laugh…

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Dating in a Microwave Society

Nowadays with the advancement of technology expectations from people for people are ridiculous. Especially time wise. With all the new dating apps and the old dating sites, with single mixers and lounges becoming ultra popular people have depersonalized and expedited the dating process. Continue reading Dating in a Microwave Society