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Keeping The Connection 

Each day life throws us all kind of things. The hustle and bustle of work.  Daily commuting. Home life. If you have children. Responsibilities of being an adult. In spite of all these things, we have to allow for time with our significant others. Daily we must make time for all of our responsibilities. The goal is to find peace preferably at home and also in your relationship. Your significant others being should transition you into solitude. Communication, affection and real downtime will definitely create a space of positive energy.

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Love At First Sight…Are You Mentally Prepared for It?

One thing is for certain, I want to be in love. In a loving, non-perfect, relationship with a man who loves me beyond measure. But the question is, am I mentally and emotionally prepared for it? Continue reading Love At First Sight…Are You Mentally Prepared for It?

Pace in the Dating Race

When meeting someone we never know what purpose they serve in our lives. When we are attracted to this person we try to give them purpose.
It seems these days everyone is training for a sprint. A short race. It’s true some relationships may turn into a marathon but they are usually more difficult because we have conditioned our mind, body, and soul for a short race.

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Are you alone during the Holidays Too?

For as long as I can remember, the winter holidays have always been my favorite time of the year.  Spending time with friends, close family and even meeting new people that are being introduced to the family is always a blast. Nevertheless, being single during this time of the year is very difficult for me. Continue reading Are you alone during the Holidays Too?