Single and Open to Dopeness – April Challenge

April will be Single & Open to Dopeness Month

It’s Spring! And we are going to spring up some great dating experiences with dope qualified individuals. Hopefully, and you have prayed that your companion is out there being prepared just for you essentially setting yourself up to meet them in this season. Continue reading Single and Open to Dopeness – April Challenge



I know it feels like that last relationship took everything you had left. I know it feels like you lost so much time and it’s too late for your heart to experience being loved and cherished. But if you dwell on what your EX did, it will mix into everything your nEXt tries to do. Don’t let the pain destroy your soul and kill your destiny, because if it Continue reading Healing

Let’s Talk with Aja Alia – Episode 1


Friday (2/9/18) at 8pm PST in the Let’s Talk with Aja Alia Facebook Group…….

Let’s Talk about whether or not you teach people how to treat you.  And if you were in a relationship and your partner bought a sex toy for you two to enjoy in the bedroom.  Would you be offended?

Talk to you soon!!!!

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